Friday, June 24, 2011

Wow, Friday already.  Where has the week gone???  This has been an exceptionally busy week at work for me.  A corporate event I had been organizing for a few months took place on Tuesday.  It went very well, and I am relieved that it is over!  A few other events also took place in the latter part of this week, making it, as I said, exceptionally busy.  Busy is good -- I love being busy at work.

I am turning into an academic 'keener'.  I recently got hold of the anatomy & physiology textbook that I'll be using in the coming school year, and I can keep it until the fall.  So I have started reviewing the material.  I am very pleased (and greatly relieved!!!) that so far, what I have read has been a good review of the physiology classes I took (many) years ago during my BSc degree.  It is not so much the physiology classes I am concerned about -- actually, those I am greatly looking forward to, as I loved my physiology classes in 3rd and 4th year university. 

Rather, my concern is the memorizing of the anatomy...will my memory be what it used to me???  We shall see.  What I do remember (see, all is not lost!  LOL!) from my previous anatomy classes, is that there was an awful lot to learn in a very short period of time.  Back then, it was not only a question of learning the names of the muscles and bones (and tendons and blood vessels and...), but we also had to learn where they originated from and where they inserted into. 

And for our lab exams, we were faced with about 45 covered pans, each containing a dissected critter, and we had 30 seconds at each station to uncover the speciment, take a look at it, and write down the origin, insertion point and of course, name of the item that had the pin stuck in it.  Then on to the next station.  I'm not sure if the nursing anatomy exams will be this involved (after all, we are now doing human anatomy, not 10+ different critters like in my previous classes), but regardless, there will be a lot of memorizing to do.  And the earlier I can get learning it, the better.  It is a academic confidence boost, if nothing else.

And finally, to end this week with a quote I find inspirational, here it is below.  I know that no job will ever be 'perfect', but it would sure be nice to feel at least some of the time, that I'd be doing this work even if they didn't pay me.  That's certainly how I felt during those many hundreds of hours I've spent volunteering in various hospital departments.  Hey, I did work there, loved it and they didn't pay me.  Now I'll get to go back to that environment, and even get a salary.  Doesn't get better than that, as a job, in my books!

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."
-- Confucius

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