Thursday, May 26, 2011

Better Happy than Rich? (you bet!!!)

I picked up and read an interesting book last week, that highlighted some of the issues facing me in the career change decision.  Rather, it highlighted reasons, based on demographics and statistics, as to what people of certain age groups and personalities view as most important in life. 

It is called "Better Happy than Rich?" by Michael Adams.  Mr. Adams is one of the co-founders of the Canadian statistical research firm, Environics. 

This book explains, based on years of statistical gathering and analysis, what personality traits are associated with various demographic groups, in terms of their priorities in life. 

An interesting read, but also a rather quick read, as and one tends to focus on finding where one 'fits in'.  Given that it also explains the priorities of all age groups and personalities, it clarified to me why certain other people are reacting in various ways to my career-change decision, based on their values and priorities being significantly different from mine.

Always learning!

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