Monday, May 16, 2011

Registration day today

Well, it is official.  As of this morning, I have registered for my upcoming classes for the fall and winter semesters.  I must admit, that the times, they have certainly changed, since I last registered for an undergrad program!

This morning's online registration was streamlined and efficient, with all the information about my file accessible at the click of the mouse. 

No more filling out paper forms, waiting in line, getting somebody to sign off on the form and then receiving the almost illegible bottom copy of the 3 or 4 papers that made up the form.  Remember having to "press hard with your pen when writing, as you are making multiple copies"?  Lol!  That is most definitely a thing of the past.

The schedule seems very empty, particularly in the fall term, as I have been given credit for some courses from my previous degree.  However, I must remember that there will also be lots of studying involved to fill the days, not just attending several classes.  Being a student is most definitely different than being a working person.  Once you leave work, it is done.  Once you leave class, the real work begins! 

I am also thinking of maybe working part-time for the first part of my program, until clinicals start.  Once they start, I think working at my current job will not be possible.  I have some amazing options for taking leave from my job (I have wonderful options at my current work -- I just wish I loved the work itself!!!).  However, this is all theoretical speculation at the moment, and would certainly make for a very, very full schedule.  There are also family commitment to consider, and one of my main reasons for changing careers, is to be able to have a more balanced life, where I can spend more time with my children. 

My "gut" is telling me to just move on and make this change for real, and part of me wants to return to teaching music to a few students, as a PT job while in school.  I have a degree in music, and used to teach piano a long time ago.  May be time to re-visit that option....this option would definitely be more conducive to having more family time.

It is starting to feel much more real now, at long last!!!  Whew...

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