Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Ouch times two! 

A few days ago I went to visit my doctor, to get him to fill out the immunization paperwork I need for nursing school.  I have to submit proof that I've had a whole whack of shots.  Which is a good thing, really, as I will be exposed to a whole whack of germs in the coming years (hmmmm, lack of germ exposure is perhaps an aspect of my current job that I enjoy...).  However, I spent hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds and then some) of hours volunteer working in the emergency room (and ICU, and paeds), and hadn't caught anything over the years.  And I had lots of direct patient contact.  In addition, I've further bolstered my immune system thanks to my kids, who have all shared various viruses with us since they've started school.  That bodes well!

So I had a shot in each arm at that visit to my doc.  I go back in a few days for my TB test and another shot.

I'd been saying that the whole process of applying to nursing school and waiting for NS to start has felt very theoretical since October.  I can assure you that the needles felt very real and tangible!  Lol!!!

Future Nurse

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