Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday's words of inspiration

OK, this one is not 'deep' or overly 'inspirational', but it certainly made me laugh.

Without "me", it is just "aweso".

I'm packing up the personal stuff in my office, handing-off various documents and files to colleagues, and starting to say my good-byes to work.

It still feels completely surreal, and I must honestly say, that even though I am very, very much looking forward to this huge change in my life, I am a little sad right now to be leaving the 'cocoon' of the known of my current job and career.  And I am blessed with amazing colleagues, whom I very much like and respect, who are fun to be around and with whom I have developed friendships over the past couple years.  I have had some fun times here.

It will certainly be with mixed-feelings that I leave the office later today.

I am very grateful and happy that I have been granted a leave of absence, and that I know I will be coming back here in May, when classes are finished for the year.

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