Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 weeks down...only 94 more to go...

On Thursday it will be two complete weeks of school.  It feels like about two months have passed, not just two weeks. 

There have been so many new experiences and changes in these past two weeks, that my head is still reeling somewhat.  I have felt such a range of emotions too, from wishing so much that I was still sitting in my safe, comfortable, familiar office, to wondering how I will ever read and learn everything I have to read and learn, and even to thinking that I'm finally, really, truly doing this!  I actually am a nursing student, I am going to finish this, and I am really going to work in a hospital or clinic as a L&D nurse. 

The amount of reading I've been doing has been a shock to the system.  I love to read, and I did read on the bus on my daily work commute, and whenever else I found some time.  Now it is a scheduled read, and not just reading for pleasure, but reading to learn and memorize.  Definitely more intense reading is going on!!!

On the positive side, one thing that I was told to expect (thanks T!), and that has indeed happened, is that all the studying I have to do does not seems like a chore that grudingly needs doing.  I am so enraptured with the medical stuff I am learning, after so many years of wanting to learn it, that I actually look forward to my studying time.  Granted, this may not last, but for the time being, I am grateful to be able to crack open my anatomy book and start learning it for real (I say 'for real', because there have been many times over the past years that I've opened a physiology or anatomy book 'for fun', to glance over and wish I had chosen to study this for a career.)  Now that time is here, and it is 'for real'.

A bit of a routine if finally developing, although I still feel far from being settled in one.  I've been taking our kids to various medical and dental appointments that I had 'saved' up for when I knew I wasn't going to be at work, to save from being absent from work too much.  Now it seems like that's what I've been doing for the past two weeks, and thankfully, the end of those is in sight.

The other thing keeping me from fully getting into a real routine just yet is that I am already fighting the first %^&* virus/cold of the school year, brought home by one of my kids.  Our oldest is 10 years old, so I thought I'd already built up a half-decent immune system from so many years of school germs coming home, but nooooo.  Dear husband and I are both battling an awful head cold, sore throat, sinus infection, absolutely no energy or appetite... Not fun at all, but I am slowly getting better.  I detest being sick and having no energy.  Yesterday, I was yearning for a 'sick day' from work.  Alas, they don't exist right now.  On the flip side, I was able to keep my youngest home from school, as she was also sick, and not feel bad for taking time off work to be home when my child is sick.

Here's to hoping everything will be back on track by next week.  Now, back to the books (actually, back to the computer, as that's where most of the studying and reading happens!)

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