Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I love A&P!!!

A&P stands for anatomy and physiology....and I simply love it.  I'm hoping my (ahem, older) brain will still be able to memorize the way it did once upon a time, as there is a ton to (re)learn.

I wrote (re)learn, because my first university degree was a science degree, specializing in biology.  More precisely, physiology and ecology (I really liked both topics, so ended up taking lots of courses in both).  So I am very happy to be able to say that almost everything I've learned thus far, and what I've seen in the physiology textbook, is not new material for me. 

The biggest difference, however, is that with this degree I am focusing on physiology of the human body and nothing else.  Whereas when I took the various other physiology courses, it was always a mix of various animals (and even plants - gasp!) that were studied.  For example, we would be studying respiration and focus on gas exchange in a lecture, but in addition to learning about gas exchange in the lung, then we also focused on gas exchange in a fish gill, and then the particulars of gas exchange in a salamander.  Interesting, but to a much lesser degree.  My previous anatomy classes were also similar -- usually 'comparative anatomy' of a variety of animals.

So here I am now, FINALLY studying the anatomy and physiology of the human body and nothing else.  What a treat, for me...frankly, that's all I ever wanted to study and learn about.

As I mentioned above, it is simply an overwhelming amount of material and details -- some details can be more easily learned given that they are part of a system and the way 'x' functions can be explained like a story.  Other areas, however, are pure memorizing.  So at times as I'm studying this topic, I oscillate between thinking, "Oh yes, I remember this!", to thinking, "How on earth am I ever going to learn all this for the exams!?!?!"

I should also mention that the learning resources available on-line to today's students are incredible.  The textbooks now come with special codes that allow the student to access on-line study materials, animated explanations, quizzes, videos, etc. etc.  I hope I have the time to take advantage of all these resources!

Yesterday evening (as I was studying after the kids were in bed), I was actually thinking about how exactly did I fill my post-kids evenings as recently as two weeks ago, before school started?  It seems that I'm still doing the same house-hold chores and work, and yet here I have all this extra time in the evening to study.

It seems to re-affirm my theory that the busier I am, the more I can get done.

Break is over now -- back to studying my beloved A&P...

Happy Future Nurse  :-)

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