Friday, September 16, 2011

Learning tools available online

I briefly mentioned in my last post, about the incredible number of learning tools that are available online.  These tools are specific to the textbook being used in class. 

It was somewhat frustrating to me this past week, having to spend so much time figuring out what all is 'out there' in cyberspace, that I'm supposed to be registering for, using and learning from.  It is all new to me.  My 'old' student me was just thinking I should be poring over the textbooks, memorizing as much as I can, yet there I was, spending so much time in front of the computer trying to find various items.  With spending all this time figuring out the computer part of the class, I felt like I was falling behind in my 'traditional' studying (feeling that you're falling behind in the first week of classes is not a good feeling!)

However, in the end, when all is registered for and learning tutorials completed, I am in awe of the materials available.  I have to change my approach to studying, and realize that most of my study time will be spent at the computer, rather than the textbook. 

The other 'new' to me aspect about attending university today, is the fact that the profs all post their lecture notes online, before classes.  The students print these off, and use them as the basis of their notes.  Back in my day, these notes were never available, and we were expected to just scribble frantically during each class, in a desperate attempt to get all the info down.  Now we have the luxury of being able to actually listen to the prof and write down the 'extra' tidbits of info, rather than focusing on getting the slide info written down.  This is great.

It is quite a change in approach to studying, but one that I can adapt to, and think will make for a better learning experience than I previously had when attending university the first time (so many years ago!)

Fighting my first cold of the season, as are two of my the virus cycle begins anew....


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