Wednesday, April 2, 2014

One year from today

One year from today we will be finished. It honestly feels like it was just a few months ago that I was writing about how it was the morning before my first-ever class of nursing school, and how terrifying and exciting that felt! Time sure flies....

I just submitted my last assignment. This afternoon I have my last lecture for year three. And tomorrow and Friday I have my last two med-surg shifts.  Then I study for two final exams, and voilĂ , finished 75% of nursing school.

I cannot wait to be done. So many things have been put 'on-hold' in the past eight months, but in particular, these last six weeks. These six weeks have been among the most intense weeks of my life. I am so relieved this phase is almost over.

And the most surreal, yet terrifying, part is that just after 24 more weeks of classes, starting in September, we will be graduating and expected to function as full-fledged RN/BScN. I know we will learn so much in those 24 weeks (just look at how far we've come in this year alone!), but sitting here typing those words right now really scares me.

I've decided that I want to consolidate in the ER. I want to be a trauma nurse more than anything. I also dream of doing pediatrics/NICU and Labour & Delivery and getting my Nurse Practitioner degree, but those pieces of the puzzle will be figured out later. I clearly cannot do everything at once (as much as I'd like to!), so starting out as a trauma nurse is the path I'm choosing to follow right now. And that decision feels beyond awesome.

Off to my last class of third year nursing school now!!!

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