Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One Exam Done, One to Go

Yesterday was the long-awaited nursing theories final exam. I studied so much for it, despite the topic being so dry. I got to the exam, and suddenly everything was a jumble in my brain, as I looked over the first questions on the exam paper, desperately hoping to find one that had a clear answer. What a horrible feeling.

Then I calmed down, focused and kept going. I did eventually find one I easily recognized an answer to! Overall, I think it went OK, but just like on the midterm, I left there with a feeling of uncertainty. I had already passed the course when I went into the exam, with the 60% we had already been tested on thanks to the midterm and the research paper, and the final was worth the remaining 40%. But I'm not a student who just 'passes'. I'm an A student, and I'd like to keep that average up there. So we shall see what this course brings.  Overall, I'm just so glad its over and done with.

Now I re-focus and concentrate on "medical-surgical nursing". At least that's a much more interesting topic to me, as I can see the immediate relevance to it, and even have already done some of the procedures in clinical shifts.

One more week to go and this year is officially finished!!!

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