Sunday, April 6, 2014

Today My Patient Told Me...

...that she was so grateful for the care I am giving her, that I'm a tender and compassionate nurse, and that I should go tell my Mother that I am such an angel-nurse and that she (my Mom) should do something special for me for being so kind! She said she prays for all the nurses caring for her, because that is all she is able to do these days. That, and say "thank you" to us.

She was an elderly patient, very frail, and very, very ill.  She had an upper GI bleed, and I saw what melena looks like. It had just been something I'd learned and read about before. Now I saw copious volumes of melena in her bed, several times. It was horrific -- I will never forget what melena looks like. Luckily, she had no pain. She was transferred to a unit that a step up from our med-surg floor, and below ICU.

What a sweet little old lady.  May she be blessed as she continues her journey.

Yes, I am so grateful to have made the career switch and do meaningful-to-me work.


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