Thursday, December 2, 2010

Still (patiently) waiting

Well, not much new to update regarding my application.  I am reassured in the knowledge that my file is still currently under consideration.  So I wait, and keep very busy with work and life. 

I plan to write more soon, about the transition process.  One of the key reasons I started this blog, was to document the process of deciding to leave a good job in mid-career, to start something completely new and different.  I started this blog, given that I couldn't find anything like this out there in the blogosphere.  I was hoping to follow the path of somebody who had already done this, and ideally, was a few months ahead in the process, compared to me.  To no avail, so here I sit and write.

There is much to write about what goes on in this process -- the thoughts, worries, hopes, anticipation, discouragement, etc, etc.!  Much more on this soon. 

And what I truly hope is, that when everything is settled and real, I will look back at what I agonized over during the transition, and think to myself, "All that worrying and stressing for nothing.  What a waste of energy.  It all worked out great, just as you thought it would."

And one more thing, since I have a few minutes to write -- one thing I am very curious about, is how I will react when (if!) I actually get my nursing school acceptance letter.  Will it be a loud WHOOPEE shrieked out in my office, or will it be stunned silence, all alone, in my office?  I suspect the latter scenario, but nonetheless, one I am looking forward to finding out.

In the meantime, I continue to check the university web site daily, the one that will tell me what my future holds....

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  1. It will definitely be a loud WHOOPPEEEEE!!!! at this end :-)

    love, Trish