Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Career-descriptive words

"If you are passionate about what you do, motivated by improving the health of the community, excited by leading-edge medical technology, and as committed to excellence, quality and patient safety as we are, we would like to hear from you."

This is a quote taken from a local hospital's nursing recruitment site.  I love the use of the words, "passionate", "motivated", "excited" and "committed", as they are how a career in medicine makes me feel -- always has ever since I can remember. 

I dream of one day applying these adjectives to my medical career.  Sadly, none of them apply to my current career choice, aka my "job".  For my current position, I would have to write "money", "pensionable time", "job security" and "another work day over".  I've got it good at work - I am really not complaining, and grateful to be where I am.  I'm in a position that those in my field would aspire to be, and well positioned for climbing the corporate ladder.  Is it selfish to leave and change?  (this will be the basis of an upcoming post.)  However, it is completely the wrong fit for me, and it seems to be taking all the "joie de vivre" out of me, for a significant portion of my week...and as a favourite saying of mine is, "If the momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"  I certainly don't want to negatively affect my family and those around me.

I cannot wait to do something in my career that actually makes a difference in a person's life, if only a small difference.  That would give me such satisfaction in my work.  That will make my work seem worthwhile.

Otherwise, still (patiently) waiting for word from the university (and starting to panic about how soon Christmas is approaching, and about how much I have yet to do to get ready for that!)  Lol!

And getting back to my first sentence of this post, following the quote -- I can guarantee that this local hospital will be hearing from me, as soon as I am qualified!!!!!! 

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