Monday, December 20, 2010

First Aider today!

I had an extra bit of excitement at my gym today...I got to be a first aider!

My workout was finished, and I was coming out of the change room towards the coat area.  I saw the gym owner hovering beside a lady who was sitting against a bench.  She didn't look too good, so I asked if I could be of help (oh, how it was killing me inside, to not be able to say 'Can I help?  I'm a nurse"!!!). 

The owner gladly let me take control of the situation, and as the lady was unresponsive at this point, I lay her down, and elevated her feet a bit.  I also had the owner call 9-1-1 right away.  She was positively grey -- even had grey lips.  Her skin felt hot and sweaty, and she was completely unresponsive.  I dug around her neck to check for a pulse, and eventually found one, but it wasn't easy to find, and it was very slow.  I had visions of having to start CPR, and was comforted to know that they gym has a defibrillator machine (which I was just recently trained/certified to use). 

Luckily, she started coming around slowly, opening her eyes and looking a little less grey.  What a relief!  I rolled her over on her side, to the recovery position, and continued to watch her, and try to ask her medical questions that may give an extra clue to why she was like this, while we waited for the paramedics.

One paramedic arrived, and answered what I could to the questions he was asking me.  As he was alone, I mentioned that if he needed me to do anything, to just let me know.  Again, what I wouldn't have given to be able to say, "I'm a nurse." 

Then two more, beautiful, gorgeous medics strode into the ladies-only gym, and the owner exclaimed in a loud voice, to those who were working out, "Here you go, ladies, your early Christmas present!!!"  What a laugh. 

They pricked her finger for a blood sugar reading (the results of which I was very curious to know, but couldn't think of any good reason why they should tell it to me, so I didn't dare ask!)  I hung around for a bit, mostly because my gym bag was still under her feet, and they were taking a long time getting a good read of the blood pressure, and I didn't want to disturb that.  I heard them telling that her BP was only 78 over something (couldn't hear that number, but again, I didn't dare ask for clarification of the diastolic reading!), and that they were going to start an IV and give her some oxygen. 

The gym owner was ever so grateful for my help.  I told her I'm hoping to start nursing school next fall, and she said that was definitely an excellent choice, based on what she'd just seen. 

I'm still feeling the after-effects of my adrenaline rush.  What a 'natural high' it is -- I love it, and so look forward to having this as a regular part of my work!!!

I so hope and pray this life-long dream of mine finally comes true one's not just a career choice / change for me, it truly is my vocation.

:-)  Future RN

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