Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Yes, even though I am losing all hope in spring ever arriving this year, I can see then end of third year nursing school.  We have just over a week left to go. That is truly surreal.

I was recently talking with my mom, and she way saying how she couldn't believe how quickly this program is flying by (and she thought I was off my rocker leaving my first career). I chose to do the regular 4 year BScN program (as opposed to the accelerated program) for several reasons, mostly because doing the extended program allowed me to be mostly part-time for the first two years. At the time I started, my youngest was in half-day kindergarten, so it allowed me to spend precious time with her, and to volunteer in the kids' school. That was a gift to me (and them!) beyond measure -- something that I'm so grateful to have been able to do, and something that I can never go back to as time only goes forward.

So what I started this adventure, I was faced with four solid years until I graduated. The days have been full, there have certainly been stressful times and other times when I had to study and couldn't join my family/friends on certain activities, but its not forever. And honestly, even though some days and weeks are very long, in hindsight, it has flown by.

We just have 25 full weeks of classes/shifts left, and then they'll send us out into the real world, to be real nurses! (gulp!!!). I think I've mentioned this before (if I haven't written it, I've certainly thought of writing it down - lol), is how easily I could have STILL found myself sitting in my office, dreaming about going to nursing to school.

Time really does go by quickly. Something that may seem eternal and daunting initially, can easily go by faster than people realize. I am so incredibly grateful that I was able to gather up my courage and make that career change, even if went against the grain and seemed illogical at my current stage in life and career. I would be devastated if I were to look back now and realize, "If only I'd started nursing school when I wanted to, I'd be almost done by now."

But instead, here I really am, just 7 school/shift days short of finishing third year. I've just landed a dream contract with a leading national nurses association, where I'll have the opportunity to beautifully bring my first career and my future career together in a way I didn't envisage possible earlier, and basically, truly living the life of my dreams.

Take steps towards meeting some of your dreams and passions. It is so worth the effort and the initial doubt (and terror!)  I can attest that I'm closer than I've ever been before to living the most authentic life and being most my true self, than I've ever been before. 

I've never been more content and at peace with myself and my life.

That is a gift beyond measure, and something that I'm most grateful for.

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