Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Marathon continues....

Whew. Two exams in two days have just been completed. 

Now I get to work on my nursing care plan that is due on Friday, to be presented complete with Power Point slides. I don't mind one bit. Yes, its extra work, but I've truly hit the jackpot with the best clinical instructor ever.

Last Thursday was our med-surg buddy shift, which meant I didn't really get to do anything except watch and learn how the unit works. By the end of the shift, my instructor told me I'd have not one, but two patients on Friday, and pass meds to both of them.  That's about 25 different medications between the two patient!  And she makes sure we know not only the medications' key info, but also details like mechanism of action (i.e. this one blocks cellular calcium channels which raises the voltage for an action potential to trigger...)  I did it.  I knew them, and now after being verbally grilled on them, I'll remember them forever.

At post-conference on Friday, after I'd managed to look after both patients and get my documentation done (no small feat!), we were talking.  I told the group that honestly, if you'd told me a week ago I'd be looking after two patients, solo, on the med surg floor today, I'd have looked at you like you have two heads.  But I did it, it went well, and my confidence and organization levels are growing exponentially.  Its incredible.  Busy, but incredible nonetheless.

And you know what, my mind is starting to change about the importance of working on a med-surg floor as a first job.  I can now really see the value of doing such nursing at the beginning, as you truly do learn so much about so many conditions.  What a valuable learning experience.  And with my long-term goal of being a Nurse Practitioner, I just might consider that type of nursing initially, even if its just for six months or a year.  I really do want to specialize in the NICU or LD or even Emerg, but I think I'd have such a strong foundation if I did med-surg first.  I think I'll still consolidate in one of the high-acuity areas (probably NICU), but won't be devastated if I don't get in there as a nurse right away.  I think I'd be a better NP if I worked med-surg for awhile.

Anyhow, time will tell.  Its just interesting to see how my thoughts and priorities are changing as we go through nursing school.  I went in thinking LD all the way, but now its truly one of several options.  And I love having options!!!  Lol! 

I just love nursing so much, I want to do a bit of everything!!!

Back to reality, back to face my care plan now.

And here's a cartoon that brought a smile to my face, from my beloved website:

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