Sunday, December 9, 2012

Timmy Global Health

For the Canadians reading my blog, "Timmy" does not refer to our national "cultural" icon and beloved coffee shops...only Canadians will get that reference!  LOL!

Yesterday evening I took a study break for a few minutes.  I plunked myself down in front of the TV, thinking I'd have a few minutes of mindless entertainment to give my tired old brain a break.  After channel surfing a bit, I came across an award-type show listing caught my interest, so I paused.

It turns out it was the American Giving Awards (I'd never heard of that before, but what a great concept and idea!!!).  The nominees were just being listed for the health-care/wellness category when I arrived on that channel.  All the nominees were very inspirational, to say the least, but the one I found myself rooting for was the Timmy Global Health Foundation.  And guess what, they won that category!!!

I admit I didn't stick around watching the acceptance speeches or even really try to find out what that win means for that organization.  My study break was over and I went back to my books and computer.  But, I did look up Timmy Global Health Foundation, and research their work.  Wow.

When I read about an organization like that, it simply re-inforces my passion and desire to be a medical professional.  I dream of one day volunteering on medical missions, such as the ones run by the Timmy Foundation.  I know I have so much to give and share with the world in my career, and that aspect was something that was severely lacking in my first career.

I cannot wait to be finished school and have my medical paperwork in hand, that will allow me to make these brief, yet life-changing, volunteer medical trips.  Life-changing for everyone involved -- all the people I'll have the priviledge of helping, and me.

Check them out! What great work they do.  I plan to remember them when I finally get my RN registration papers and am qualified to be part of a medical team, and most definitely when I have my NP papers safely in hand.  I have so much to give back and share with others.

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