Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Registering for Clinicals today!

Tuesday morning, 10h40

Oh the anticipation as I wait for 11 am to come.  We register online for our first clinical placements (Long Term Care and Public Health (school nursing)) at that time.  They said that the site becomes live at 11 am, and usually by 11:05, the registration is complete.

We had a practice registration session last week, and the site showed all the available spots for each location.  However, I'm told that only about 3/4 of the class participated in the run-through, so it will definitely be more intense today when we do it for real.

I think I'll easily get the placement that I'm hoping to get, given that the location of the LTC placement I want is a for-profit nursing home, located on the outer edges of our town.  During the practice sign up session, it was evident that most people preferred to be in the hospital-type settings for LTC that were offered, and they are located downtown.  As for me, I'm looking for a good experience (which I know I'll get in any LTC placement), an easy commute (I've spent enough years already doing commutes I didn't enjoy), and free parking (which is a bonus for facilities located out of the downtown core, where space is ample.) 

What I'm most interested in getting is the lab placement in the time slot I want.  Actually, it's a need, given that there is only one that works with my kids' schedule and means I don't need extra daycare.

Fingers crossed!!!  The countdown to registration is on...


Tuesday morning, 11h05

Well, that took all of 20 seconds to do, once the site was live.  I got both the placement I wanted, as well as the lab time I was hoping for.  All is well.

I was right, though, in my prediction that the placement location I chose was not one of the coveted ones.  I noticed that there was still one spot left at my placement location, when I logged off.  All I can say is I hope there are not a bunch of not-too-happy-nursing students in my placement group, who got there by default, because their first choices were filled!

Another new experience done. Now to just focus on preparing for next week's exams.  That is somewhat stressful to think of, when I realize just how soon they are.

And Christmas prep, that I'm completely putting on hold until final exams are finished....

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