Friday, November 30, 2012

Lab Exam today, part 2

Whew.  It is over.  It went well. It went exactly as I expected, in terms of calming down inside as soon as I started and focused on what needed to be done.

In my previous communications career, we would refer to a post-event analysis or evaluation of how it went, a "post-mortem".  In my current career, that somehow doesn't seem quite appropriate, especially considering nobody actually died....

Of course, of the four assessments we had to prepare, I drew the paper that said I had to do musculoskeletal/neuro exam...which was the one I least wanted to do. Murphy's Law, I guess.  Luckily, it was the one I'd prepared for the most, as it was my weakest one, so I guess it all went well, in the end.

And now I'm in that post-exam happy place, where I breathe a big sigh of relief, of gratitude that it's over, that I prepared the way I did in order to feel good about how I did, and most of all, gratitude that I'm in nursing school (mentally insert Kate's happy dance here!!! LOL!)

I'm so happy that's over.  But I really learned so much in the preparation for this exam.  You need a cardiovascular, respiratory, GI or musculoskeletal/neurological assessment done, you come to me.  You'll get a thorough one!

And, yes, I remembered my 'critical elements' - hand washing and ensuring patient privacy - omitting those would have guaranteed an exam failure, no matter how perfectly you did everything else.  So all is truly well.

Just three more classes and three more exams to do, and second year is half way finished.  Next term the real fun starts -- practicing our new skills on real people!

Now to prepare and pack for a weekend of winter camping....brrrrrr...

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