Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday morning smile

Good morning - I'm up early again.  I thought I'd share these few images I came across today.

I simply love this one!  Yes, that is exactly where I'm at.  This is finally a reality, not just wishing it was so:

I realize that the next one is truly meant to be destined for a kid's t-shirt, but for "some" reason, I feel that I really connect with it. 
Is that a sign of making the correct career choice, the one you've felt was your calling for as long as you can remember when thinking about career choices??? 
Well, I guess I am finally "growing up" when it comes to my career (second career)!  (OK, guess I'm a late bloomer, but "better late than never", is all I can say!!!):

And finally, this is the one I am MOST looking forward to coming true (hence the new "countdown to BScN feature in the sidebar....those who know me well know about my love of countdowns!!!):

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Future Nurse Kate

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