Saturday, September 29, 2012

Second year BScN - one month in!

Yes, I'm still here.  Still in nursing school, still working on my fitness challenge, still a mom to three busy kids, still trying to somehow get a vague semblance of control over the chaos that was September 2012.

I am trying to get into our new routine and catch my breath. So much is going on, with so many extra-curricular activites, homework and assignments starting all at once, when school starts...for myself, my husband and our three kids!  At least the dog has her usual routine! (Yes, I am very grateful for the small things in life!!!)

I will write in much greater detail soon, I just need this one more weekend to catch up on so many things. For this year, I committed to being both a Brownie leader and a Sparks leader, with Girl Guides of Canada...what was I thinking????  I am sure (I hope!) that a new routine will emerge, and I will stop losing sleep thinking about all the stuff I still need to do.

Regarding my fitness challenge, I am very, very pleased to say that it is going full speed.  Honestly, I have never felt better.  I now run my "5 K a day" run, which I am now able to complete in under 40 minutes (I think 38 minutes is my personal best, so far).  The fact that I am running daily now astounds me completely.  I haven't run all year.  I just started this month.

A little over a month ago, physically I was the equivalent of a couch potato -- if one can be considered a couch potato without actually sitting on a couch!  Maybe "sedentary" is a better word -- I have a relatively active lifestyle given our family situation -- the kids keep us active -- but I wasn't doing any other activity as exercise.  I just moved when I had to.  Now I'm moving because I run every day.  And I love it.  I feel so incredibly good. 

I must say I owe the good, energizing feeling I get from running in helping me cope well with all the demands the past month has placed on me.

So even though my record keeping of my fitness challenge on my blog has faded, if I was keeping track, it would be a series of "5 km run" recorded daily...with a huge smile on my face.  What a feeling. :-)

If anyone is even remotely considering starting to be a little more active, or even start a project or hobby or even look into something they think they may find interesting -- just start.

And one final "poster" that brought a smile to my face:

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