Friday, March 16, 2012

One continuous mid-term exam

Honestly, this semester has been drugery.

All the mid-term exams were spread out weekly, one after another.  When I initially saw the term schedule, I thought how nice it would be this term, having the exams all spread out.  Ideally, it is nice to have only one exam per week to study for.  The down-side is that it makes for a semester that feels like one l-o-n-g exam, with most weeks having one.

We just finished first set of mid-terms two weeks ago, finally, and now are finished the next  round (second midterm exams), which were again spread out over two weeks.

This past Tuesday was the toughest day, with two exams on the same day.  I haven't had that since I have no idea when, although I'm sure I must have had that experience when I did my BSc, many years ago.

Now we have a bit of a 'breather' for the next three weeks, until classes end.  Then there are four final exams to write (nicely spread out, so no multiple exams in one day, whew!), and the first year of nursing school is done. 

Despite the feelings of having endless exams and so much learning, I must say that this year has flown by.  Hopefully the rest of the program will fly by too, and before I know it, I'm working as an RN.  YIPEE!!!

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