Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Still here!

My poor, neglected blog!!! 

I must admit that getting back into the thick of things for second semester has been somewhat challenging...but I am getting there and starting almost panic given that my first mid term exam is next week!  That may just be exactly the "fire" I need to be lit under me, to get moving.

This term is exponentially more difficult than last semester.  Having the two anatomy and physiology courses is almost overwhelming.  Luckily, one course focuses on physiology, which is relatively easy for me -- it is still a ton of studying, but at least it is systems that are being studied.  The digestive system tells a story - so to speak - that can be told as the digestive process unfolds. (And I should add, my kids think it is beyond hilarious that I am learning about "poo" in school!)

The other course, however, is anatomy.  Pure. Rote. Memorizing.  There is no story to be told, just hundreds of bones, their bumpy bits, their various openings, their muscle attachment sites, muscles, blood vessels and nerves that need to be memorized.  It is somewhat daunting a task.

This term I also have two of my courses in the evenings.  And my other two courses are smattered throughout the week in little bits.  So I find I am spending a lot of time commuting to and from school.  Last semester, the course schedule was much more compact.  That made for a long day once a week, but it was better than all this driving.  In theory, I could easily take the bus, except that public transportation in my city is a disaster, and even though I have a full hour between when my classes end and the kids need to be picked up from school, and the actual driving time is only 25-30 minutes, there is no way on earth that I could depend on the bus to actually get me to my destination in an hour.  Sadly.

So most of my time seems to just disappear commuting, playing with my youngest in the mornings (that's a good thing!), running errands for our family, doing the basic household stuff like cooking and the occassional cleaning.  I must admit, though, that house cleaning sometimes takes on an interesting proportions that it never had before, on the days I feel like procrastinating with my studies!  Lol!

Must get going...the morning is flying by.  I haven't been very successful (rather, haven't been successful at all) yet this year in trying to meet my New Year's resolution of having time to be more social.  Complete. Adject. Failure so far.  It's just crazy how much there is to do in the course of the week....and it is not as if I am spending the majority of my time doing housework, either!  ;-) 

I'm guessing that resolution may not be able to fully come true until September, when my littlest is in school full-time.  That will make a huge difference in how much time I have in the day. But for the time being, she is the priority, and family time is one of the main reasons I am doing this career change -- both for the present, to be able to be home more now, and for the future, to pick work whose schedule works with our family time.  Oh yeah, and that "little" detail that I've been passionate about all things medical since my earliest childhood memories...


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