Friday, January 13, 2012

Ethics in Health Care

This is a course I started this week, and it is one I've been looking forward to taking for awhile now.  The prof is dynamic, energetic, fun and clearly loves the topic.  It is going to be one great course.  The list of topics to be discussed covers a wide range of ethical issues that a reality in today's health care reality...from one end of the life spectrum to the other...from the ethics of pre-natal genetic testing to end-of-life issues, such as assisted suicide and brain death, and many things in between.

I am seeing "ethics" now almost everywhere, since the first class.  Last night, my son was watching YTV, and a commercial came on advertising an upcoming TV series, called, "Switched".  It is about two girls who were accidentally switched in the newborn nursery, and the wrong family took each one home, and in the TV show, they are being re-united with their birth families.

I'm watching this preview, and thinking, "What's the ethical answer to that situation???"  Clearly, all the people involved, children and the parents, have a right to know the truth, but at what cost???  To what extent is it going to just mess them all up psychologically, after a decade of "normal" life?  Is knowing  the truth worth the cost of the psychological upheaval? 

Clearly, this course is already making me think!!!  I love thinking. :-)  This is going to be a great course. It will be very interesting to see where discussions lead, and what conclusions are reached on the various topics.  Yes, I very much like this kind of debate.  And, it is a very refreshing change from simply memorizing entire textbooks!  :-)

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