Monday, November 8, 2010

My application is now complete

Still the long wait continues, to even get an email validation from the university to acknowledge receipt of my application. 

However, last week I received the one transcript that I had yet to submit, to make my application complete.  The person receiving the transcript confirmed the info that I had to wait at least until mid-November (to late November), to get a first acknowledgement from the school.  At least that bit of info was reassuring to hear.  I don't know why, but it seems that if an administrative mistake is going to happen, it seems to happen to me.  This is perhaps why I have become extra vigilant when dealing with an administrative process, as I often manage to catch errors and fix them.  The transcript I submitted last week was written under my maiden name, and my current application is under my married name.  This seemed to somewhat confuse the person taking the document.  My student number remains the same, so this should really not be that confusing.  However, what worries me somewhat is that the document I submitted had to be given to the university in the sealed envelope it arrived it (somebody had even written their signature on the sealed flap of the envelope!).  So I handed in the document without being able to make a photocopy for my records.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly...all the more reason why I am so keen to finally have a written record from the school, regarding the status of my application!

In the meantime, I am somewhat of a keener, and I have already started re-learning the anatomy and physiology I once knew, when I did my Bachelor of Science degree.  I figured I might as well start learning the anatomy now, as it simply requires rote memorization to learn, and also because I love learning it.  Once upon a time for a course in comparative anatomy, I had to memorize all the bones, muscles, tendons, insertion points of the tendons and muscles, major blood vessels, organs, tissues, various layers of various tissues, etc etc.  It was certainly a challenge, and not something that could be done at the last minute.

Regarding physiology, I must say that I was rather surprised and pleased with the amount of endocrinology I actually remembered.  It gives me hope that my somewhat older brain still retains something from when I was in my early twenties, and that it still remains capable of learning! 

Now if I could just know that I am (FINALLY!) actually doing this learning for a real, medical-end result career, that would simply be the ultimate feeling.  I have studied much anatomy and physiology in the past, but never for a medical end result, even though that was what I always truly wanted.  Hopefully this wish will be realized in the coming year.

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