Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Health Assessment Midterm Exam

Well, that was an interesting exam!

What a strange exam. We were told about the types of questions we'd encounter, so it wasn't a surprise, but actually writing it was a very odd experience.  An experience I best get used to, and quickly!

The exam was all multiple choice, but included in the answers, were several correct choices. It was up to us to choose the "most correct" choice of the correct choices (follow that???)

From what I understand, these are the types of questions we'll be asked when writing the CRNE, or the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination -- "the" exam we must write (and pass!) after four years of nursing school are finished. 

"The purpose of the CRNE is to protect the public by ensuring that the entry-level registered nurse possesses the competencies required to practise safely and effectively."

It is an exam that essentially tests us on everything we learned in nursing school. And even if someone graduates with honours from their BScN, if they don't pass this exam (which would be odd, I know, but I'm trying to make a point here!), they will not be licensed to practice in Canada.
No license = no work.

Getting back to yesterday's exam. There were enough "regular" questions on it (i.e. those with a clearly correct answer), that I know I did well enough on it. I think I was able to pick the 'best answer' for the more complicated ones, but until I see the results, I won't know for certain. What a strange feeling.

For the better part of yesterday, I found my mind wandering back to several of the questions that were particularly tricky, analysing the various answer options. And this morning, I am no further ahead in trying to figure out if I choose the right answer or not!

I think this type of exam will become easier, when we have actual EXPERIENCE.  It is one thing to learn about best-practice health assessment interview techniques from a textbook, and completely another to actually do it on real patients.  (Sim lab experience doesn't count for me in this case, as my partner and I are model patients with each other!!!)  

I best just focus on the next two upcoming exams, as those are ones I can still do something about. Yesterday's exam is over and done.

Pathophysiology, here I come...

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