Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rocked the HESI today!!!

I did the HESI, part one, back in November, 2014. I did OK, better than average, but not the 900+ score to be aiming for. The test gave me an outstanding study package based specifically on my results. In theory, it was going to be great to review all that and then take the test, part two, and improve.

Well, somehow, the second test sprang up on me, and it was today. I managed to review a few of the great gems of knowledge that I needed improvement on, yesterday. I spent most of last week, since Tuesday when the last class presentation happened, just feeling layer upon layer of stress evaporate and leave my system. It was a very strange few days, coupled with spring allergies/cold hitting me. I was definitely in a strange mental fog for the better part of last week. Post nursing school stress disorder??? Lol. Let`s hope not!

Today, I slunk into the exam, with all my great plans of studying gone. I was just hoping to not do worse on today's exam, than on the previous one.

I came out of there with a 914 and a new sense of confidence!!! Woot!!! Woot!!!

I am so happy and relieved. I guess I did learn something more in the past half year. Whew!

My first application package from my provincial college of nurses arrived, I'm mailing it back tomorrow, and then I wait for the official invitation to write the NCLEX. I'd love to get it done sooner rather than later, but want to feel (reasonably) confident that I'll be successful on the first try.  Here in Canada, we only get three chances to pass, unlike in the USA, where I understand they get unlimited attempts. Three strikes and you`re out. That would be a disaster.

To end on a positive note -- all is well in HESI land, and I expect full time studying for the NCLEX to start tomorrow!


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