Friday, November 21, 2014

One Step Closer to RN

This week we had to sign a form and let our university send it to our provincial nursing registration college. It was a form that said we allow the school to send our personal info to the college of nursing, so that we will be able to be invited to write our licensing exam after we finish in April 2015.

Yes, please. Bring it on!

I write the HESI test this weekend, to see where I'm at in the learning curve for the NCLEX exam, and more importantly, to see where I need to improve to get that exam passed.  Here in Canada, we only get three chances to write it successfully. So this is critically important to do well on, for my first try.

Six more days of classes/labs/shifts left this semester!!!

I did my first two 12-hour shifts last week, back to back. It was fine, actually much, much better than I expected. I was tired, yes, but not crazy/can't think straight tired like I thought I'd be. So I'll take that as yet another positive learning experience on this crazy ride called nursing school and career change!


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