Friday, April 29, 2011

Great quote

Good morning,
I subscribe to daily quotes sent by Donald Neale Walsch.  His daily messages are very inspirational, and more often than not, they seem to coincide with whatever I am happening to be thinking about on that particular day. 

As you can see from my recent posts, I have been getting slightly cold feet about this whole career change lately, but I can assure you, that they're not cold enough to not go through with this.  As I hope I made clear earlier, right now the whole career change seems somewhat surreal, or even theoretical.  This is partly what is contributing to making the transition somewhat scary -- the simple fact that it is not happening yet.  As those who know me know, I am not renown for my heaps of patience!  LOL!  However, come September, when classes finally start, I am certain these feelings of uncertainty will quickly dissipate.

Here is the quote I received today, which is again, very timely considering what my thoughts are focusing on lately.


On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know...
...that everything is perfect Right Here, Right Now. And
Right Here Right Now is all there is.

Forget about the past. It does not exist, except in your
memory. Drop it. And stop worrying about how you're
going to get through tomorrow. Life is going on Right
Here, Right Now -- pay attention to that and all will
be well.

Embrace the present moment with gratefulness and
wonder, and you will turn it into whatever you have
been waiting for.

Future RN!!!

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