Friday, March 27, 2015

My nursing school courses are all done

Yes, it is really true. The academic component of my nursing program is finished. I've passed all my courses. I have no more quizzes, papers, tests or exams as part of my BScN program.

This new reality is still sinking in, even though its been a couple of days now. It is still sinking in.

I have 7 days left of my last rotation. The semester is officially over on April 14.

Even though its been a very long 4 years, it has truly flown by when I look back. I'm beyond grateful it is so close to being finally done. It seemed so daunting and far away at the start, and suddenly it is done.

Now I get to re-focus and start living my life again with no school stuff hanging over my head. Of course, that will last as long as it takes to start studying full-out for the NCLEX licensing exam, and then my post-RN certification courses that I'm already planning to take... But that is different. Those are purely interest courses that I'm choosing to take. Nursing school was a choice too, yes, but there were quite a few courses that I'd definitely not have chosen to take, had they not been a mandatory part of the curriculum! Lol. The courses I take from here on in, are purely my choice, based on interests.

And speaking of interests, this is the time when I get to re-awaken, and start re-discovering my pre-nursing school interests. Tennis? Play more piano? Dust off my saxophone that's been staring at me and making me feel guilty for the past 4 years? Writing for fun? Zumba? Pilates? I'm not quite sure where to start, and in my typical fashion, want to start everything at once...

Anyhow, this picture below captures EXACTLY how I am feeling now (I hope it gets better soon):

What I look like everyday.

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