Thursday, January 16, 2014

On the psychiatric ward - first thoughts

We've had two shifts so far in this mental health rotation. The first was the obligatory orientation to the unit and the hospital (a new one for me). We had minimal patient interaction that day.

The second day was a nurse buddy shift. However, my patient was leaving that morning for an extended pass, so I got to at least prepare the patient's medication, go through all the meds and when they're to be taken, and to do the paperwork/documentation required for the temporary home pass.

Other than that, I had minimal patient interaction again. I sat in on a few patient sessions that were given by other members of the interdisciplinary team.  Those were interesting. I hadn't quite realized, mostly because I hadn't really thought about it before, just how intertwined mental health nursing is with other health and social disciplines. The cases can be so complex on so many levels, that go beyond "just" mental health...adequate housing, social support, nutrition, etc.

It really is a very interesting field.  I still love pediatrics more than anything, but am now starting to think I may have to (one day, when NS is over), do some mental health-related volunteering, on a crisis line or something like that.

The communications skills we're learning are fantastic, and applicable to so many situations. The crisis line position would certainly put those new skills to good use, and keep them sharp.

I've got evening shifts coming up tonight and tomorrow. 

Life is good.

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